Atlascombo Band


Specially crafted by a national expert on the fine art and science of wrapping and the trusted maker of Cinch Tummy Wrap, the Atlas Band encompasses the concept that the new moms recovery starts before the baby is born. The Atlas Band is the only pregnancy band that transitions into a postpartum band. By wearing The Atlas at the 3rd trimester, new moms have the advantage of prepping their body mentally and physiologically to face the challenges of what is about to come. (Mayo Clinic) Studies have shown that when new moms have better posture while pregnant especially during the 3rd trimester; it will help new moms with stamina and core strength for an easier delivery. If the spine is more erect, it will help decrease swelling, improve circulation and reduce back pain.

FABRIC; 30% Nylon, 45% Polyester, 25% Spandex

The Atlas 2-IN-1 Band is the world’s only pregnancy band that transitions into a complete postpartum band, back support and hip shaper.

It is fully adjustable that expands and shrinks with you

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