Midwifery Services


Learn about our credit program for doula and midwifery services.

A midwife is a primary health care provider who is trained in the art of childbirth. The midwifery model of maternity care views pregnancy as a normal life event, and midwives are specialized in the care of a woman in normal childbirth circumstances, from pregnancy, through labour and birth, to the postpartum care of the woman and the newborn child.

A midwife is skilled in the use of natural methods to help with pain management, as well as emergency procedures. In the event of health problems for mother or baby, midwives may suggest consultation with a doctor. Midwives value informed choice, and mothers are the decision makers regarding their pregnancy, birth, and post-partum options.

Midwives value getting to know the childbearing woman and her family; appointments throughout pregnancy are often an hour or more. A midwife makes home visits after the birth, to answer questions, help with breastfeeding, and perform newborn checkups.

To see who the midwives currently practicing in the Yukon; please visit.

Community Midwives Association of Yukon

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